Know More About The Fencing & Decking Services In Bay Area

Decking is an ideal service done by the Bay Area Fence and Deck companies in Fremont. Both residences and commercial properties need decking to add more value to the property. A deck is a flat surface that supports weight, just like a floor. But it is constructed outdoors elevated from the ground surface and connected to the building.

This serves as an alternative to stone based features. A Wooden or timber deck can be used as part of garden landscaping, to extend living areas of houses. It is a wooden platform built above the ground and connected to the main building that is generally enclosed by a railing for safety.

Unusable rough ground or step areas can be covered using a residential deck that makes it easy to use. Decks can also be covered by a canopy or pergola to control the amount of sunlight entering the area. Larger buildings can also have decks on the upper floors of the building which may be open to the public as observation decks or sky rise greenery. It is also the surface used to construct a board walk over sand on barrier islands.

Roof deck:

The roof deck is the roofing material layer between the primary structural components and either insulative layers or weatherproofing layers in a typical roof system. This combines all the structural components together and acts as a structural diaphragm.

Observation deck:

This is an elevated sightseeing platform used an observation tower or a skyscraper. It is situated upon all tall architectural structure. Observation deck is also known as observation platform or viewing platform.

Observation decks are sometimes enclosed from weather and fitted with railings or fencing for safety. It may include coin operated telescopes for viewing distant features.

There are many things involved in the constructing a decks. Few notable ones are:

• Footing: This provides a solid foundation for the deck. Concrete footings must be properly sized and installed below the frost line.

• Ledger: This attaches the deck to the house wall. Ledger board should be flashed behind the siding to prevent water damage.

• Framing: This provides the structure for decking.

• Maintenance: Every deck requires maintenance and cleaning or power washing. This helps in preventing the deck from water and sun damage.

Laying deck or throwing deck is the act of placing and bolting down cold formed steel beneath roofing and concrete flooring. This is normally done by professional decking companies to ensure that the work is perfectly done and the decks are durable. You can look for Fremont Fencing companies offering decking and services online.

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