A Guide To Different Types Of Fences Available

Fences have long been known as an investment for the privacy and security of the homeowners, which are now seen as a beautiful addition to the exteriors as well. Several types of fences are available today, out of which, you can choose one according to your personal preference and get it installed by hiring professionals from Bay Area Fence Company. Not all the fences suit every type of area and exterior of a home, so you must choose the one that not only adds to the beauty factor, but also to the privacy and security as well. A few different types of fences, commonly preferred by people are discussed below, to help you make a better choice.

Wood Fences

Wood is the classic material used for fencing purposes, which has evolved from the basic designs to many modern ones available today. This fencing Fremont CA type allows homeowners to have more privacy as wood can be used to construct a wall like design, which lives for 20 years, on an average. However, you can use paint and sealing services to enhance its strength and design from time to time.

Wrought Iron Fence

A fence made with the use of wrought iron lasts longer and is a strong one, which offers an unmatched classic look as well. The level of protection and security offered by this type suits all the tastes and also, it doesn’t require to be taken a special care of with the re – paint required after every 15 years. However, this fence type offers lesser privacy than the wood one and is comparatively more expensive.

Chain Link Fence

This fence type is available at an affordable cost and adds a simple look to the home. It offers the see-through advantage, which people use to showcase their yard’s impressive features like a fountain or a flower bed or to take a glance of a beautiful area around the house. With a long life span of about 30 years and little maintenance requirements, a chain link fence San Francisco offers a moderate level of security.

Vinyl Fences

A vinyl fence is an alternative to wrought iron and wood fences, but is available at a little higher cost. The higher price is justified by an extended lifetime and no maintenance required, where many different designs are available to choose from.

Thus, with a proper knowledge of all the types available, you can make a wise decision and choose the best San Francisco fencing for your privacy needs. Though, availability of material and design might vary from place to place.

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